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Specialized production of aquatic feed

Features of the feed of Atlantic fish

  • Contains the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Contains the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Significant reduction in feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Continuity and stability of feed quality
  • Accurate feed analysis using modern diet formulation

Everything you need to know about Atlantic Factory

Nikan Taghziyeh Pars Shahrekord Industrial Group with the Atlantic brand is a complex with the latest technology in the world to produce high quality aquatic feed. According to the collection management in the discussion of veterinary medicine and using scientific and academic figures in various fields such as veterinary medicine, fisheries, food, laboratory sciences, microbiology, etc., this company is able to provide various quantitative and qualitative services. The complex has feed quality control laboratories with advanced equipment that continuously performs relevant analyzes.

In addition to providing high quality food with an ideal conversion ratio, Atlantic Company fully supports its esteemed aquaculturists in the field of consulting and even diseases of its farm.

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Atlantic fish feed

Buying from you, the growth and health of living beings from us

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Healthy growth with healthy nutrition

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Atlantic factory products

Atlantic factory products are as follows

Atlantic Factory is one of the factories that is active in the field of animal and aquatic feed production, which with the help of God, has now expanded its activities and increased the range of its products.

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    Our goal is customer satisfaction and providing quality feed

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    “It can be said that the support team of Atlantic Company is excellent and the quality of their feed is also excellent”

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